Performances around town

Sunday, March 25, 2007

HILDEGIRL/DJEMBABE BENEFIT CONCERT! The DJEMBABES will be back together with the Hildegirls for another exciting and uplifting joint concert( EARTHSONG-WOMANSONG!) on APRIL 14th at 8pm at Unity Church of the Hills, 9905 Anderson Mill Road! This wll be a benefit for our favorite local environmental group, SOS ( Save our Springs). Please come if you can and help support this organization that works so hard to save the soul of our city, Barton Springs. Come listen to and interact with the beautiful voices of Susan Lincoln's Hildegirls as they share beautiful, healing melodies/songs/prayers of Hildegard of Bingen and many others and then shake,rattle and roll yourself from your root through your crown chakras and everything in between with Sherry Gingras and the Djembabes and the finale with the 60 member Hildegirl vocal chorus and Djembabes combined! Come celebrate the Earth and the feminine energy she holds as we connect with and share our spirits through this participatory community musical extravaganza!For more information contact sherry at or call DRUMZ at 453-9090.

April 11th at the Eastridge Campus of Austin Community College, THE DJEMBABES will be performing at the Unity Jam at noon! Please join us if you can as we work to create a world of sisterhood and brotherhood where COMMUNITY and cooperation are valued above competition and each person is honored and respected for their individuality and uniqueness as well as their their contribution to the whole. Together, through our Universal language, music, we will find a pathway to our common ground!

APRIL 3rd at 6:30pm THE DJEMBABES will be playing at the Dougherty Art Center in honor of Native American elder, David Courshene( see who will be speaking. There will also be the film debut of "THE EIGHTH FIRE", a documentary film about the prophecy for the Earth from the tribe. Please come and support this inspiring and heart-centered man who is spreading the wisdom and the message of the traditional First Nation's peoples to people around the globe in hopes of creating peace between all peoples and harmony and balance on our shared home, Mother Earth. This event is sponsored by "Rites of Passage" and everyone is invited.For more information call DRUMZ at 453-9090 (512) or email Sherry at