Performances around town

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The DJEMBABES will be performing for the WUDANG MONKS at another FREE concert at Barton Springs on Monday evening, the Full Moon, July 10th, from 9PM-9:45PM during free swim! This concert will be performed for our special guests, the WUDANG MONKS, who are in town from China for a series of workshops and talks. The public is welcome. We are honored immeasurably to have these distinguished visitors in our city sharing their music,gifts and talents. They will be performing their world famous martial arts and taost ceremonial music , performing several blessings ( including a blessing for Barton Springs on Tuesday morning, July 11th at 10am!), and offering their teachings in workshops during the week of July 10-17th.Please visit the website of their tour sponsor,Healing Tao Institute, at for details of their workshops and performances. Please come to the concert and enjoy the magic of West African drumming and beautiful songs by the shimmering waters of Barton Springs on the night of a full moon! We will honor the monks and bless our springs as our gift to the community.For more information call Sherry at Drumz, 453-9090.